April 13, 2017
Thursday April 13th, Rotarian Jeannie Ethridge introduced guest speaker Debra Redmond, Executive Director of Win Win Equine Services and Therapy or WEST.  They are in their third year of existence. WEST’s continued success comes from a board membership. In partnership with regional social service agencies, this nonprofit organization is raising money to create West Georgia's first PATH-certified Equine therapy program.  The horses at WEST have the potential to teach the over 200 foster kids that are in each county about social skills, relationships, self-esteem, communication, and leadership. On September 30th, a fundraiser, the "Barn Dance", will be held at Carrollton’s AG Center. Their goal is to raise money to help 45 foster care families every month. 
From left to right:  Rotarian Jeannie Ethridge, Debra Redman, Executive Director of WEST and Rotary president, Rob Goldin