From left to right Rotarian Tara Chapman and speakers David and Lucas. 
On Thursday April 20,2017, Rotarian Tara Chapman introduced guest speakers David and Lucas from the Blake House.  The Blake House has a 10-month Regeneration Program that helps restore addicts “to a better state”.   They have 27 participants now but can house up to 32. The Blake House consists of a wood shop, thrift store, program training, community classes and discipleship training.  Alcoholism led David to The Blake House. He had lost his wife, his home, and his job.  David spent 10 months in the program and with that he found his peace with God and his want to help others. He brought guest Lucas with him from the Blake House. Lucas spoke of his journey from childhood to now. He was a good student and played sports. But his home life was different. Lucas' parents were divorced, drugs and alcohol were easily accessible in the home, and with no support he turned in the wrong direction. He was 13 when he started with the drugs and alcohol and consequently was out on the streets on his own at 15. He was arrested 9 times between the ages of 17-19. It took years and a loving sister to get him to where he is now.  The testimonies that these 2 young men shared with us are living proof that the Regeneration Program works.