April 27, 2017
From left to right:  Rotarian Lynn Clarke and GRSP student Kirsty Purves
Thursday April 27th, Rotarian Lynn Clarke introduced Kirsty Purves, our GRSP student from Scotland, as our speaker for this meeting. She spoke of the differences in our cultures. They drink hot tea and here in the South we are sweet ice tea drinkers. Their biscuits are sweet and more like a cookie, and our biscuits are bread. We have 51 GRSP students from 17 different countries participating in the program.  While in the States, Kirsty has gotten to go to Conclave in Augusta, Clayton County, Atlanta touring the CNN building and the Aquarium, Washington D.C., and is going to the Bahamas with another family on her birthday.
 Being involved with Rotary has given Kirsty self-confidence, an understanding of different cultures, and reinforced the importance of friends and family.