Tim Keesee from Honda Lock (“HLA”) spoke to Rotary on February 20 about HLA.  HLA came to Bremen about 15 years ago with the goal to stabilize the business.  Communication was key between management and the floor.  It was a bit of a struggle because the company had planned to bring Japanese ways of manufacturing to the US, but they quickly found that just because it was the way they had always done things, that they were dealing with a different culture that they had to consider.  Mr. Honda felt that the key to business was to “Create Joy” and this has been his motto from the beginning.  He felt this would bring in a better pool of people.  Only Twenty-Five percent (25%) of their work force comes from Haralson County.  The rest come from outside of the county.  HLA would like to change this and felt the only way was to start in the schools.  For the past three years, eighth graders from Haralson County High School are brought into the plant each spring.  They notice that numbers are everywhere in the plant and Mr. Keesee explains to them how important attendance is in his plant.  HLA has offered to pay a technical engineering teacher’s salary, if the school will hire a teacher.  They have worked with the curriculum and are currently looking for a grant to fund this teaching position in the area of technical engineering.  Mr. Keesee said that he was glad to be in the area and was anxious to become more a part of the community.