New Chamber President, Eric McDonald, spoke to Rotary about economic development and how the Chamber and Development Authority are working together to bring business to the county. 


He reiterated that Chamber dues were not used to fund new development.  Tax dollars are supposed to fund new development, but our county does not have the funds available to build a spec site in Haralson County, which is sorely needed.  However, the County used their manpower to clear a site, so that potential businesses could actually view a site without having to figure out the topography and how their facility was going to fit on the site.  Chamber President McDonald indicated that he had several site visits from potential new businesses just in the last week, so there is finally some activity on the horizon.  He reminded everyone of how important to our tax base new business and existing business is.  Residential housing costs the county money and for those people that do not want to see our community develop more, they will surely see their taxes increase because housing alone does not support the infrastructure of a county.  He asked for the community's help in the areas that our county has the most problem -- manpower and beauty.  Haralson county has very good accessibility for transportation, but we continue to have difficulties with trained manpower and litter continues to be a problem, even though Rotary has vowed to help with cleaning up the litter problem in the county.  Rotary cannot do it alone.  The entire community has to be on board by not throwing their trash out of car windows.  He concluded by saying that he was glad to be working in Haralson County.