Reverend Gerald Varner spoke to Rotarians about the various water purification systems that are available in Honduras and the costs involved with each system.  While living in Honduras, Gerald was asked to look into the problems associated with getting pure water to many of the villages that are inaccessible by road.  He spoke of doctors visiting outlying villages where they drove to the end of a road in a truck with a horse trailer attached, unloading the horses to take them further, then having to get off the horses at a river that they were unable to ford, travelling across the river in a canoe, then walking the rest of the way.  There are many villages in Honduras that are equally inaccessible.  The problem has been to find a way to provide these people with clean water so that they were less susceptible to waterborne diseases.  Many water purification systems are brought in on a tractor-trailer rig, so this was not an option for these remote villages.  However, a very simple water purification system using a method developed many years ago may be the answer.  Reverend Varner was able to find a manufacturer of a water purification system that uses colloidal silver that would be easy to transport.  He went into detail about how this system is manufactured and how it works.  The cost of this system was only $18 each and would last a family 7 or more years, depending on the initial quality of the water being purified.  Club members then discussed ways of assisting in this effort.