On Wednesday, November 5, Bremen Rotary Club GRSP student, Johan Appelros from Malmo, Sweden was invited to speak to the Bremen High School Interact Club during their regular meeting.  He spoke about the scholarship program that brought him to Georgia for one year to attend the University of West Georgia. 
He lives on campus and related the various differences between universities in Sweden and universities in Georgia.  He was particularly envious of the sports programs that many universities have and was enjoying being on the Climbing Team at the University of West Georgia.  Through the Climbing Team, he has been able to visit other universities in the South and was very impressed with their campuses and programs.  He was not impressed that American families had to pay for housing and tuition, since the Swedish government pays him to go to university and pays for his housing and tuition.  Of course, Sweden has some of the highest taxes in the world.  Johan is studying Math and Physics at the University of West Georgia, so his time here is not just about sports.  He was asked many questions about Sweden and about whether he liked the food in Georgia.  The Georgia Rotary Student Program brings between 50 and 60 students from all over the world to study at Georgia universities for one year.  Many students continue their studies for a degree, but many continue their studies at home.  Each student is sponsored by at least one Rotary Club.  Many are sponsored by several Rotary Clubs because of the high cost of tuition and housing in the university system.  Johan happens to be sponsored by the Bremen Rotary Club, the Carrollton Rotary Club and the Carrollton DawnBreakers Club.  He is hosted by one family from each club and will be spending the holidays with those families, so that he can learn more about Georgia culture.  His family will also be visiting here over the Easter holidays.