Rotarian and GRSP host family, Lynn Clarke, presented Johan Appelros, GRSP student from Sweden to speak to Rotary about himself, his family and his country.  
Johan showed several pictures of his beautiful country and spoke of it's traditions, its industry, its politics and its beauty.  Many questions were asked and answered during the program.  We were stunned to hear about what a tradition in Sweden really was!!!  (You had to have been there and we aren't telling).  His program was enjoyable to all and we are looking forward to what the year will bring for him as well as ourselves.
Bill Sewell was presented his certificate for Paul Harris Society membership by President Dennis Cowart.  A Paul Harris Society member pledges $1,000 per year to the Rotary Foundation with the goal to become a major donor within 10 years.  Bill has always been a Rotary supporter, although he has always wanted to stay in the background.  Thanks, Bill, for making this significant contribution to Rotary.