Bill Sewell, Sr. introduced Financial Advisor and Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Securities, Tom Alison, to the Bremen Rotary Club at its regular Thursday meeting.

Mr. Alison has to his credits the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA) designation from Wharton Business School at The University of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Alison started his program by introducing his employer, J. P. Morgan Securities. J. P. Morgan Securities has $2.3 trillion in managed assets in over 60 countries and actually has two branches -- Chase Bank, which is the banking portion of the financial giant, and J. P. Morgan Securities, which is the wealth management portion of the business. Mr. Alison then began his actual presentation by saying that "There is a time to make money and there is a time not to lose money".  In light of that statement, he stated that the indicators from J.P. Morgan analysts are that there are 12-18 months of good market projections on the horizon.