For our program on June 16, Steve Gradick introduced Frank Taylor, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City.  Frank gave a wonderful powerpoint presentation on tornadoes and common misconceptions of tornadoes.  He discussed the 5 levels of tornadoes and talked about the history of tornadoes. 

Three Rotarians brought their children, grandchildren and grandchildren's friends with them to Rotary.  What a great family we are!!!!!

Some Tornado facts:

    • The most powerful Tornadoes occur in the United States.
    • A typical tornado only lasts for a few minutes.
    • Every tornado has its own color, sound and shape.
    • You need to step on the pedal of a car pass 70 miles per hour to outrun the fastest tornadoes.
    • The chances that a tornado is a F5, the highest classification for a tornado on the F-scale, is less than 0.1%
    • Tornadoes have been reported in every state in the US and also in every season.
    • A Tornado can occur at any time, but most often between 3pm and 9pm.