Michelle Michael, GRSP student for Bremen, Carrollton and Carrollton DawnBreakers, made her last presentation to Rotary at a regularly scheduled meeting.  


Michelle made the club laugh at themselves and appreciate being American, as she entertained club members with her charm and wit about America and particularly about Southerners.  Rotarians left the meeting with a new appreciate for grits, the fact that we can become instant friends when we talk football and the fact that we will talk to ANYONE – even on an elevator.  We realized that we LOVE our cars as there is no public transportation other than in our capitol city.  We know how to have a party and we know how to treat our international guests.  Michelle’s hope is that she will find enough scholarship money to get another year of education in Georgia.  Her long-term plan is to get her degree in mass communication and return to Sri Lanka to bring new ideas to her country.  The club gave her a going away gift along with our well wishes and gave her the flag that had flown right next to our own American flag for the past 9 months.  It was our hope that when she looked at her flag that she would remember the friends she made in Bremen, Georgia.

As a GRSP…

By: Michelle Michael

Sri Lanka

GRSP 2013/14

A year can make a difference, A year can make a change, Many-a-people told me, But my heart could not gage. Stepping on the peach state, My life took a turn, For the good, for the better, And fulfilled my heart’s yearn. Being greeted by the hosts In August, the twelfth day, The land of opportunities became my home,

For the year which I am to stay. The first few weeks, Loneliness took hold of my heart, Only to be chased out by The Rotarians’ loving thought. New people, new experiences, Surrounded me each day, First a shock, then the realization, A learning experience, I’d say.

Adapting wasn’t easy, It humbled and broke my pride. I made room for the difference, With God as my guide. Service above self, Rotary taught me good, I smiled and offered a friendly hand, As the teaching said I should. I met people from all over the world, And was not limited to the States; To learn from different cultures, This opened many gates.

The life of a GRSP is great! Oh, words don’t say it enough. The fun, the experiences and the lessons learnt, Will remain a sweet memory, Forever in my heart!