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If you are at this website, you are interested in Rotary.  We'd like to invite you for lunch on any Thursday.  Call Dennis Cowart, our Membership Chair, at (770) 537-5246 to let him know you are coming.

 May 17, 2018
David Hicks  presented the Teacher of The Year to Julie Sewell.Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor
May 03, 2018
Billy Sewell introduced our 2018 Laws of Life contest winners. 

Congratulations to Jayden Baldwin (12th), Brandon Charles (11th), Hannah House (10th), and overall winner, Abby Carlton (9th)! Thank you to BHS English teacher, Jessica Allen, and the English Department for their participation in the program.

The Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest asks students to select their own Law of Life, and to write about how it applies to their lives. In doing so, students reflect deeply and write from the heart about what they think matters most. The contest celebrates the students’ stories and their often profound reflections, and proudly presents significant cash awards to students and teachers.

Thank you to Synovus Bank of Bremen for sponsoring.

April 26, 2018
Rotary members took a trip to Trillium Vineyard and  were given a presentation on wine making by Bruce and Karen Cross.
 April 19, 2015
Our GRSP student, Tino Dube, informed Rotarians about her experience in Georgia and her future plans.
April 12, 2018
Bremen High School’s Individual Girls Solo State Champion Rory Manley and Boys Quartet State Champions Andrew Weaver, Gavin Gourley, Dean Gourley, and Sam Manley performed their championship selections for Bremen Rotary!
 April 5, 2018
Our GRSP student, Philip Kutschker,  informed Rotarians about his experience in Georgia and his future plans.
            Promote peace through understanding
            Encourage the exchange of cultural and social experiences
            Advance the ideals of Rotary
            Create opportunities for friendship
            Envision a world where peace is a reality.
March 29, 2018
Rett Harmon presented a video on Building Community.
March 22, 2018
Bremen Rotary heard from Sean & Kay Levesque of Love2Hope during the meeting. Sean & Kay, along with their 3 children, are traveling around the US shedding light on the subject of Human Trafficking. What an eye opening presentation. Thank you Sean & Kay for your commitment to bringing awareness of Human Trafficking and thank you for visiting Bremen Rotary.
 March 15, 2018
Last week's meeting was The Club Assembly. All officers and directors  gave reports.
March 08, 2018
The Star Student, Albert Shin, and Star Teacher, Jason Fields, was presented to the club by Bremen City School Superintendent Dr. David Hicks.
This Week February 20, 2018
Lynn Clarke brought popcorn and a movie for your Rotary fun.
This Week February 08, 2018
Dennis Cowart will introduce Coyt Carroll who will be discussing I Can Miniseries. 
February 1, 2018
Steve Sampler introduced Jennifer Dobbs, who gave updates about Family Connections
 January 23, 2018
We welcomed our District Governor, Mr. Alex Smythe, whose topic for the meeting was “Why Rotary?”.  


Alec is the principal at Team Forte, a strategy and marketing consulting firm based in Atlanta.

After graduating from Harvard College in 1973 with a degree in economics, Alec joined Citibank, spending 19 years there and rising to Senior Vice President for Product Management in the U.S. Consumer Bank. In 1992 he relocated to Atlanta where he worked in management at Prudential Bank and Equifax. From 2000 to 2002, he founded and led CollectionsX, an Internet startup. In 2002, he established Team Forte, where he provides strategic assistance and execution support for a variety of clients.

Alec joined the Rotary Club of Buckhead in December, 2002. He has served his club variously as Program Chair, Public Image Chair, Webmaster, Photography Chair, GRSP Host Family, Board Member, Buckhead Rotary Foundation Trustee, Treasurer, Secretary, President Elect, and President. For District 6900 he has served as Technology Chair and Strategic Planning Chair. He is a Major Donor and Bequest Society Member with the Rotary Foundation, a Will Watt Fellow with the GRSP Foundation and a Tom Slaughter Fellow and an Otis Jackson Fellow with the Buckhead Rotary Foundation.

January 11, 2018
This week's meeting will be the club assembly. All officers and directors should be prepared to give report. All members should be in attendance because we will also discuss the District Governor's visit.
January 4, 2018
Alicia Michael, Past District Governor, spoke about the RFHA, Rotarians For Fighting Family Health and Aids Prevention.
 Alice Jane Wasdin thanks Bremen Rotary Club for their generous donation of $1000 to Ferst Foundation for Children Literacy.
December 28, 2017
There will not be a lunch meeting. The next meeting will be held on January 4, 2018.
Much excitement from the Bremen City Schools after the Bremen Rotary donated dictionaries to third grade students! Rotary also are purchasing 3 sets of tub books for our reading program. #EXCELLENCE
December 21, 2017
There will not be a lunch meeting this Thursday. Remember that Christmas is on Monday. Have a safe and merry Christmas.
WHERE HAVE G.R.S.P.’S INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS COME FROM SINCE 1946?  From 1946 through school year 2007-08, GRSP international students have come to Georgia from:
Africa  = 80
Asia       = 326
Australia/New Zealand  = 101
America (Central)   = 51
America (North) (Canada/Mexico)   = 20
America (South)  = 375
Europe =2,007
     TOTAL =3,060
Christmas Party
The Christmas Party was an amazing night filled with joy and laughter. Much gratitude goes to the decorating committee and all of the Rotarians who participated in the program and made it such a success.
December 7, 2017
John Fletcher introduced John Sammon.  Mr. Sammon discussed the transformation of the Lion Golf Club to the Lion Hills Winery Event Center.  Immediately following the meeting there was a field trip to the event center.
WHERE HAVE G.R.S.P.’S INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS COME FROM SINCE 1946?  From 1946 through school year 2007-08, GRSP international students have come to Georgia from:
Africa                                                                   = 80
Asia                                                                    = 326
Australia/New Zealand                                          = 101
America (Central)                                                 = 51
America (North) (Canada/Mexico)                          = 20
America (South)                                                  = 375
Europe                                                               = 2,007
     TOTAL                                                           = 3,060
November 30 2017
Alisa Goldin introduced Dr. Allison Key of 3:16 Healthcare. Dr. Key discussed the importance of preventive healthcare.
November 16, 2017
Congratulations to  Dr. Allen and Judy Wilburn for  being recognized as the Bremen Rotary's 50th Farm Family of the Year. A special thank you goes out to Robin Campbell and Dorothea Graham from the Haralson County Extension Office for helping us to see the impact the Wilburn's are making in our community.
Verse 1
Peace, oh what a lovely thought
That angry wars no more be fought,
Death and violence be wrought
Peace, oh what a lovely thought!
Verse 2                  
Peace, oh what a perfect way
In which to live our lives each day
In thought and deed; in work and play.
Peace, oh what a perfect way!
Peace, oh what a lovely thought.
Peace, oh what a perfect way.
Peace, oh what a glorious time.
Yes, it’s possible!
Peace, oh what a lovely thought.
Peace, oh what a perfect way.
Peace, oh what a glorious time.
Peace, yes it is possible!
Verse 3                     
Peace, oh what a glorious time
When man on earth in perfect rhyme
Will co-exist in harmony.
Peace, oh what a glorious time!
Bridge-Sing Twice
Peace, yes it is a possibility
To make this world what it should be
Through G-R-S-P!!!
Piano & Flute Solo
Chorus-Sing Twice       
Peace, oh what a lovely thought
Peace, oh what a perfect way.
Peace, oh what a glorious time.
Yes, it’s possible!
Peace, oh what a lovely thought.
Peace, oh what a perfect way.
Peace, oh what a glorious time.
Peace, yes it is possible!

This Week's Meeting 10/26/2017
Tara Chapman presented Eric McDonald, Grow Haralson.  Mr. McDonald updated us on the Grow Haralson initiative.
Thank you everyone for working together as a team to achieve our goal of $10,000. Our gross revenue was $9,900. 
 A special thanks to those that stepped up at the last minute to help us get within $100 of our goal.  Without the calls that you made on Thursday and Friday before the event, we would not have come as close as we did to raising the funds needed for our special projects.
If you have pictures from Radio Day that you would like to share with us, send them to office@lynnclarkelaw.com, and we will make sure that they get posted.  The pictures below are of our very own GRSP Student, Tino Dube, two students from Interact and Lynn Clarke.
October 19, 2017
Left to right:  President Karen Steed, GRSP student Philip Kutschker and Lynn Clarke
We enjoyed a wonderful presentation at last week's Rotary meeting. Our GRSP student, Phillip, spoke about his home country, Germany! His presentation included information regarding German culture as well as government and education facts. Thank you Phillip for a great meeting!
October 12, 2017
Walter Hatchett introduced Janet Pope, Assistant Principal at Haralson County High School.  Ms. Pope spoke about graduation rates in our community.
Left to right:  President Karen Steed, Janet Pope and Walter Hatchett
October 5, 2017
From left to right:  President Karen Steed, Aletha Smith, Cathy Armstrong and Rotarian Joanie Lowe
Image result for bremen veterans park
Image courtesy of The Carrollton Menu
Aletha Smith from the Bremen Junior Women’s Club presented a program on the Bremen Veteran’s Park. The BJWC has partnered with the City of Bremen to expand and update the Bremen Veteran’s Park.  The park is to create a public display to honor and commemorate the service of American Veterans.  For more information please visit Bremen City Hall.  Cathy Armstrong, President of Bremen Junior Women's Club, was also a guest at this presentation.
September 21, 2017
Last week, we had the honor of hearing our GRSP student, Tino, speak on her native country, Zimbabwe! She gave an excellent presentation on the culture there and how it compares to our culture here. An interesting fact, they like grits (or something similar) with almost every meal! We can all relate to that in some way. Thank you for supporting her as she receives further education here in the states!
From left to right:  President Karen Steed, GRSP Student Tino Dube and Lynn Clarke
September 14, 2017
Our meeting last week pulled on our heart strings as we were honored to have Rob Goldin bring Dr. Karen Curtis in to speak with us regarding CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). Dr. Curtis shared with us the need for volunteers within CASA & the specifics of volunteering. She also shared with us the dynamics in which CASA is organized.
From left to right:  President Karen Steed, Dr. Karen Curtis and Rob Goldin
September 7, 2017
Our club had the pleasure of a great program presented by Rotarian, Tom Crawford. Tom spoke about the poultry industry in Georgia and how the West Georgia area is thriving in production. He also informed us of how the poultry industry has improved in engineering and has VASTLY grown in the past 30 plus years in Georgia. We appreciate the wonderful presentation given by Mr. Crawford.
From left to right:  President Karen Steed and Rotarian Tom Crawford
August 31, 2017
BHS student Andrew Weaver was the program! Go Blue! To watch a video of his outstanding performance, visit our Facebook page.
August 24, 2017
 Dr. Dennis Cowart presented Mrs. Susan Wis with RenewLife and Wellness Coaching in Bremen. She is a holistic health educator. Mrs. Wis spoke about ways to improve our health with dietary changes. She also was informative on what we can do to change our chronic diseases with a holistic approach.

 August 31st, we are celebrating after hours at The Varsity, followed by dessert at Krispy Kreme.  We will be departing from Lynn and Steve's office at 5:45pm.

August 17, 2017
Last Thursday, Alisa Goldin introduced Dr. Amy Eubanks to speak to our group regarding the Rapha Clinic. Dr Eubanks was inspirational and very informative regarding the Clinic she chairs. The Rapha Clinic provides health and dental services to those who don't have the monetary means or insurance to obtain healthcare services. We are truly grateful for all Dr. Eubanks does to help our community be a better, more beneficial place!!
From left to right:  President Karen Steed, Dr. Amy Eubanks and Rotarian Alisa Goldin
August 10, 2017
Bremen Rotary Club had a great time at our "Pep Rally" meeting last week! We had the honor to welcome coach Davis Russell, as he spoke about the football program at Bremen High School. Coach Russell is truly enthusiastic about his team this season as he spoke about the upcoming schedule and his plans for a winning season! He also reflected on his first season at Bremen as he informed us there are now 9 players now playing on the collegiate level. Dr David Hicks introduced coach Russell along with our Bremen City School guests, Dr. Tim Huff (Principal at Bremen High School) and Bill Garrett, Director Of Special Programs for the school system. Bremen Rotary wishes the best to Bremen this football season. GO BIG BLUE!!

Pictured below are President of Rotary, Karen Steed, Dr. David Hicks, Coach Davis Russell, Dr. Tim Huff, Allen Pullen, and Bill Garrett.
August 3, 2017
We had a busy meeting last Thursday at Bremen Rotary! Our Assistant District Governor, Guy Moore, was one of our guests as he presented our club with TWO awards! Brandall Lovvorn, Rotary president in 2015-2016 accepted the award of 100% participation in Rotary Foundation Giving as well as 100% participation in our Polio eradication efforts! Wow! We are so proud to have these two honors! 

Our guest speaker was brought to us by Mrs. Tara Chapman; his name is Mr. Tommy Baker with Paxen. Mr. Baker graduated from Shorter University with a degree in Middle Education. He has taught in public schools for 18 years and coached Basketball and Tennis. He also has been awarded, "Teacher of the Year, twice! He was very informative about Paxen and what they offer for our communities. They offer two programs to help with job placements for those who have not received their GED and for those that are graduates but can not find the appropriate career paths. They are funded by federal grants and are truly beneficial in helping young adults achieve their career goals.
July 27, 2017

Karen Steed introduced Roni Tewksbury, Director of West Georgia Regional Library.  When most of us think about the public library, we think of card catalogues and musty smelling books.  This coupled with the invention of E-readers would make you think the library is obsolete.  According to Ms. Tewksbury, this is a false statement.  In fact, she says the library is as “busy as ever”.  Georgia Library PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) is a lending network for over 280 libraries covering over 140 counties and services over 28 million residents a year.  Your PINES library card gives you access to most of the materials throughout this system, including E-books and magazines.  Each library branch offers activities for children and adults, such as story time and book clubs.  Residents of Georgia are using their PINES cards to receive free or discounted admissions to state parks, Zoo Atlanta and the Center for Puppetry Arts, among other things.  The library also provides computers with internet access and classes to assist with learning how to use a computer.  A goal of the library system is to be able to lend laptops to library card holders.
For more information regarding your local library, visit www.wgrl.net.
            Promote peace through understanding
            Encourage the exchange of cultural and social experiences
            Advance the ideals of Rotary
            Create opportunities for friendship
            Envision a world where peace is a reality.
July 20, 2017 Program
Jeannie Ethridge presented Tami Meeks, Membership Recruiting Manager of
Air Med Care, who spoke about air ambulance services in West Georgia.
Bremen Rotary supports the Georgia Rotary Student Program.
Since 1946, Rotarians in Georgia, USA, have promoted world peace through understanding by offering scholarships to international students for one year of study in Georgia colleges and universities. Georgia Rotary Clubs sponsor students recommended by a Rotary Club in their home country. The students become adopted members of a Georgia "host family," but live on-campus at the school they attend. This is a scholarship program, not an exchange! Each year, about 80 students from all over the world make friends in the United States and other nations and learn about differing cultures and life styles. Georgia Rotarians believe "Peace is Possible" and through GRSP promote international goodwill through the bonds of friendship and understanding.

Go to www.grsp.org for more information.

The Scholarship Covers :
The scholarship covers one scholastic year, from August to May, and is for study in colleges and universities located in the State of Georgia.

The Scholarship Pays :
1. tuition
2. book allowance
3. meals
4. college provided room

Applicant must provide :
1.transportation from country to USA and return
2. medical insurance
3. $3,000 spending money
4. any income taxes imposed by the government on the scholarship money

Eligibility Requirements :
1. must be 18 years but not 25 years of age by August 1 the year studies begin
2. have not studied in the USA
3. must be single.
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